IMG 0061STORIA is a media consulting and production company with a background in corporate business development, brand communications, and lifestyle entertainment. Our mission is to help clients develop strategies and execute communications that deliver significant value and return on investment.

In our consulting practice, we have helped clients better understand their in-house media operations and bring industry leading practices inside the corporate environment. We have helped clients analyze processes and procedures, examine assets that include human capital, establish new practices, find talent, and begin to function with the alacrity of a commercial studio.

IMG 0077Our creative efforts include script development and video production, expert interviews, and field production. We are heavily engaged in writing and developing web content, magazine articles, and in-depth publications on a variety of subjects. Among the most prominent are technology, financial services, and hospitality. We have also produced independent works on the wine industry in France and California, as well as French cooking. Works in development focus on history, music, and culture.

In all that we do, the focus is on quality and integrity. Our clarity of observation comes from the disciplines of journalism and anthropology; our insights into storytelling emanate from an understanding of human psychology and a constant reference to the world’s great literature. These fundamentals allow us to help clients connect with their customers and stakeholders in an ongoing effort to engage, inform, share, influence, and inspire.

IMG 0112With a presence in Miami, New York, and San Francisco, and with video editing partners in the posh confines of Fifth Avenue and the legendary Saul Zaentz Media Center in Berkeley, California, STORIA is well placed to support clients both near and far. A continued source of inspiration are the industry greats and Oscar-winning artists and documentarians who have plied these waters before us.

For more information about our capabilities and current projects, we encourage you to contact us.